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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Marumanam Written Update serial story online 11th June 2013

Zee Tamil Marumanam serial, episode, story, Marumanam Written Update video 11th June 2013 (11.6.2013)

Watch  Marumanam serial in Zee Tamil, Marumanam Episode on June 11 2013:

Scene 1:
Location: Rajesh’s house
Rajesh tells arti that a lie is a lie whatever be the motive behind it. He doesn’t want to keep prateik in darkness and decides to tell him the truth about preethi. she stops him saying that if he knows from anybody other than preethi, he might never be able top forgive her. Rajesh agrees and asks arti to talk to her as its not right for rajesh to talk with preethi and also tells her that if preethi tells prateik and he forgives her then it would be very easy for them to save her. He excuses himself for an important call leaving arti to think that she knows how Rajesh hates lies, and once prashant’s last session of the transplant is over, she would tell him everything irrespective of the consequences.

Scene 2:

Location: Rajesh’s house
The kids who are back from the picnic are discussing it with everybody, while Rajesh comes in along with arti who’s carrying a tray of tea. While they are discussing how they missed the kids and how the trip has made them more responsible ,the driver comes in saying that he has cleaned the car and found a watch in it, arti is shocked seeing prashant’s watch while others are confused. Maya instantly goes over, takes the watch and deduces that it doesn’t belong to anyone from the family. Priya says that it belongs to the same uncle who lives in shobha’s house, and had comes over for diwali with Rajesh. Maya goes over to arti and says that the watch being here is again a coincidence. Rajesh stands up for arti saying that its indeed a coincidence since it must have dropped diwali night when they had come together in that car. He gives the watch to arti to keep it safe and return it to him when she goes over to shobha’s house. They also decide that they would have to get rid of this car that’s been breaking down quite often and use the others. Arti tensed, leaves for her room when Rajesh too leaves for an early meeting assuring gayatri that he would be home soon. Preethi and Maya are surprised to see arti’s strange behavior.

Arti comes to her room fuming with anger and remembers her intimate moments with prashant and is disgusted knowing that when she has no relation with him or his things, then why does he and their moments still occupy space in her mind. She goes out to the balcony and throws the watch in anger on the pathway to the main gate and comes inside.
Rajesh finds the broken watch and looking at the overlooking balcony of their room, thinks that when he gave this watch to arti to keep it safe till she returns it to prashant, then why did she throw it.

Scene 3:
Location: Rajesh’s and arti’s house
Arti calls up shobha to find out about the date for the last transplant session. shobha says that she doesn’t know since the doctor has prescribed new medicines and waits to wait to see its effect for the next one week atleast. seeing her getting impatient, shobha asks her the reason for her haste. Arti says that she can’t take it anymore, and can’t face Rajesh with the guilt of lying to him. Once the transplant is done, she would be free from the promise she made to shobha and would tell him everything. She says that she is tired of thinking what would happen when Rajesh or his family knows. She believes that Rajesh would still love her the same way, when he knows the truth. shobha says that she would pray for her nd cancels the phone. Arti who is tensed,is all the more shocked when she turns around to find Rajesh standing behind her. In order to avoid his gaze, she turns away asking if he forgot anything and that she would give him anything that he wants. Rajesh says he didn’t forget anything and is about to start talking about the watch when arti flares up at its mention and says that he is unnecessarily hooked to the watch. and isn’t he now getting late for his meeting thinking about such unimportant stuff. sensing her anger, Rajesh doesn’t say anything, puts the watch in his pocket and leaves. whn he’s gone, arti realises her mistake, that she shouldn’t have talked to him so rudely. And decides that before he talks about the watch again, she would pick it up from outside once he’s gone.

Scene 4:
Location: In a park
Prashant is reminiscing his moments with arti in the park whn Rajesh comes from behind. He asks Rajesh how did he know he was here. Rajesh says that dubeyji told him. he takes the watch out of his pocket and shows it to prashant. He looks at it and remembers that night when they were travelling in the car and it fell off changing gears and hopes that Rajesh doesn’t know their truth. when prashant claims it to be his, Rajesh tells him that arti did this to his watch by throwing it out of the window. He says that arti is a amature and intelligent woman but he doesn’t understand what problem she has with him. Seeing prashant, even his mention irks her bad. he asks prashant what’s the matter between them that he doesn’t know about. Prashant is shocked to hear this and turns away. Then decides on something ,and says that he thinks that Rajesh should know the truth now. the screen freezes on Rajesh’s confused face.

Vamsam Written update online video 11th June 2013

Vamsam Sun TV Serial Written update online video 11th June 2013 - 11.6.2013

Vamsam Tamil Serial online video for June 11 2013

Vamsam online video for 11/6/2013

Monday, 10 June 2013

Sun TV Vamsam Written Update episode 1 10/6/2013

Sun TV new Tamil serial Vamsam episode 1 on 10th June 2013 Vamsam Written Update

Sun TV Vamsam Tamil serial starts today on June 10th 2013 replacing the old serial Rajakumari by Ramya Krishnan.

Sun TV Vamsam is directed by C J Baskar that has Ramya Krishnan in the main character.

Rajakumari will soon end and Vamsam will be aired from today 10th June 2013 Monday.

Sun TV Vamsam will be telecast from 8:30 - 9 :00 PM from Monday to Friday

Vijayakumar and Seema are also playing in Vamsam besides Ramya Krishnan.

Vamsam would have in its cast Vijayakumar, Seema besides Ramya Krishnan.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Marumanam Written Update (WU) 4th June 2013

Marumanam Written Update (WU) June 4 2013 (4.6.2013) 

On June 4th 2013, Zee Tamil TV Marumanam Episode-

Monday, 27 May 2013

Marumanam Rajesh helps Aarti to remove her Necklace

Marumanam latest story gossips updates on 28th May 2013

Marumanam serial on Zee Tamil Tv is moving towards a cute moments.. 

Aarti is on full stressed situation as Dubey blackmails her emotionally..

Last episode- Rajesh was asking Aarti if they have to leave home and arun comes there and he hugs him.

Arun whispers something in Prashant's ears which gives a hint that he told everything to Rajesh.

But it is still not sure whether Arun revealed all things to Prashant.

Dubey watches and tells Shoba about this.

What he told to Rajesh is still a question.. Rajesh will help Aarti to remove her necklace in the upcoming show.

Lets c what happens today in Marumanam.

Marumanam Written Update serial story online 28th May 2013

Zee Tamil Marumanam serial, episode, story, Marumanam Written Update 28th May 2013 (28.5.2013)

Watch  Marumanam serial in Zee Tamil, Marumanam video Episode on May 28 2013:

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Vani Rani written update serial story online 24th May 2013

Sun TV Vani Rani serial, episode, story, Vani Rani Written Update 24th April 2013 (24.5.2013)

Watch  VaniRani serial in Zee Tamil, Vani Rani video Episode on May 24 2013:

Watch Vani Rani episode of May 24th by clicking the youtube link

Enjoy Vani Rani episode !